Van Sales Man

Job Position Van Sales Man
LOT No 234956
Company Name Hot Bun Bakery
Location Bahrain
Male 5
Female 0
Salary BD 180/-
NPR. 56070/- (Approx.)
Total Fee FREE
Overtime As per Company Policy
Working hours 8 hours per day
Working per week 6 days per week
Annual Leave As per Company Policy
Food Provided
Accomodation Provided
Contract Duration 2 Years
Published On Madhyanha National Daily
Published Date 2020-03-18

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Ajeets Management And Development Company Pvt Ltd (Region Overseas Pvt Ltd)
Gov. Lic. No: 374/059/060
Address: Slesh Mantak Marga, Sinamangal-9, Panchakumari Mandir, Kathmandu
Telephone: 4479390 / 4479391

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